Many first time shoppers at The Good Grocer will often wonder whether we are a supermarket with an extensive range of gourmet products, or in fact a gourmet food store that also stocks all of those everyday items you find in a supermarket.

The simple answer is that at The Good Grocer we’re both; something that makes us unique in Perth.

We may not be huge in area, but with over 3,000 grocery lines, the freshest fruit and vegetables purchased daily, gourmet foods and other delights, freshly made pre-prepared meals, an in-house bakery and a huge deli section, we make shopping an experience you’ll always enjoy rather than a chore you must endure.

When you walk into The Good Grocer for the first time, you may think that all this choice, all this freshness and the inviting surroundings must come at a price. Not so, because you’ll soon discover that on those everyday essentials especially, we’re extremely competitive with any supermarket chain.

At The Good Grocer we treat you to courteous service, helpful advice, and a smile at the checkout. So check us out soon.


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